A New Season-

A New Season-

I think the biggest thing about television season–August to December–is that there is a renewed excitement about the potential of work in the industry. Despite the very year-round nature of this business, just like actors, managers and reps feel certain lulls or slow periods. What’s wonderful about this time of year, though, is the rejuvenation of activity after weathering the hectic pilot season (it was indeed better this year) and the lull of summer. We’ve taken these “slower” summer months to reevaluate and renew our client list. We’ve taken the valuable time to bring on new clients who ignite the fire within us, and serve as a reminder as to WHY we got into this crazy business anyway (to rep awesome, creative beings). And we’ve (hopefully) taken a personal day or two in order to fight another day.

Our jobs, much like our talents’, are quite emotional. While this will always remain a business of show, we too use our instinct and passion to create success for our clients. You often hear agents and managers saying that “no day is the same”, but the common thread is that we spend every day putting our hearts and souls on the line for our talent. The more traditional ways that this take shapes might be obvious: submitting on the breakdowns, pitch calls, working our connections, fostering long-term relationships, asking favors, etc. Other ways this manifests sometimes surprise even us: Finally securing that hard-to-get meeting with a producer, an unexpected and generous referral from a friend, the director you’ve had a relationship with for years now becoming famous, the always welcome call with an easy offer, a favor granted quickly and with delight. In short, all of this and so much more, takes an emotional tug on us, and the summer allows us to rejuvenate for the busier fall, during which we ride the wave of renewed potential. I hear it from the agents I work with. I feel it from my casting director friends, and from those who are so generous to me with appointments. A new season of television gives all of us–actors and reps alike–a second chance all over again for the first time! We all relish in the potential to make this season the best, most successful ever.
So I invite you to jump on our wave of excitement. Throw out the perceived failures and feed into our psyche – a new season – a new hope. Let go of what was and jump into what can be. Find the excitement that we feel and come along for the ride. Heck, swim ahead of us on the wave and lead us a little. We love your excitement and confidence. It both challenges and excites us. Let us know that you too appreciate the new season – the new hope – the new chance to make your career develop, grow, prosper, catapult. Whatever the step, let’s take it together with a renewed passion and excitement – it really is only one job away.

Paulo Andres

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